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Iran as a vast country and regarding its unique geographical location, natural diversity and climate variability, possesses proper facilities for cultivating crops. Khuzestan province has always been one the most prominent regions for agriculture due to its warm and humid climate, large rivers and vast agricultural lands. Sugarcane cultivation in Khuzestan province has an outstanding priority and there is a great national plan for developing sugarcane cultivation.
Sugarcane is a plant from wheat family that has been cultivated for long. Actually, the first reported evidences go back to 600 B.C. in Guinea, Indonesia and India.  
Sugarcane is among the most important sugar plants, since its stem has got about 14 to 17 percent sucrose. The stem itself is used to produce paper and structural cardboard. Molasses sugar and its bagasse are used as accessories in alcohol production and livestock feeding respectively.

Massage of CEO

We had visited many different places in Iran, not with the aim of recreation but for production. Production of an Iranian Stuff and bringing colors to the Cloths in all Iranian homes. From Neka and Qom to the city of athletes, Kermanshah. From Khansar with its outstanding whether to Shiraz, the city of Hafez. Then we came to Haft-Tappehh, which is called the paradise of agriculture in Iran, with its patient, hardworking people. And we believed in two things: first, in the merciful God who won’t leave us alone in this path and second, in the hardworking and patient people of Haft-Tappeh, those who came to help us in private sector despite all shortcomings. Now we can proudly talk about the company and its growing process for more production. We strongly believe in a prosperous Haft-Tappeh for every one and we rely on God for more help.
Omid Assadbeik

Haft-Tappeh sugarcane agro-industry Company
Haft-Tappeh agro-industry Company is located fourteen kilometers from Susa and 10 kilometers from Choqa Zanbil. The company started its activity in 1338 aiming to flatten the lands, maintain and develop paths inside company’s territory, improve lands, cultivate and harvest sugarcane, develop industries related to sugarcane refinery and transform waste material to reusable products. The activity started by harvesting 126000 tons of sugarcane from an area of 24000 square kilometer in 1340. One of the actual potentials of agricultural lands in Haft-Tappeh is twice a year cultivation routine. From 5th of June to 5th of November cultivation of rice and vegetables and from 12th of October to 1st of May cultivating wheat and sugar beets is customary. 
White sugar
White sugar is one of the most important foodstuff need for our body that produces energy. Low price of sugarcane compared to the high calorie it brings has made this substance one of the main sources of energy. There is a positive point about sugar industry: the bagasse, molasses and the sugar itself are either capable of producing energy or changing into a valuable product. According to the announced statistics, the production volume of white sugar has increased to 55000 tons during the past year, when the industry had been moved to the private sector.

Sugarcane molasses is quite valuable. The most Significant properties are in its rich minerals. Most sweeteners are white as they have lost their valuable properties.   Molasses has got a dark color though, since it possesses sugarcane properties. 1 spoon of sugarcane Molasses contains 20% of minerals needed for our body. It provides calcium, magnesium and even 40% of iron needed for our body every day. 
Ethanol or ethylic alcohol or fruit alcohol with OH5H2C formula is a flammable chemical compound with a special odor. Alcohol has many applications in different industries. Perfume and Edu cologne, vanilla and fuel in some new machineries are examples of these applications. Alcohol production factory of Haft –Tappe is now redesigning for mass production to the volume of 10,000 liter per day right.
Wheat is among the most important cereals. The plant is categorized in to a domestic and wild species. Each year, large areas of lands in Haft-Tappeh is under wheat cultivation which is considered a strategic material.   
Barley is another cereal which is cultivated by Haft-Tappeh Sugarcane Company.
Corn is also one of the most important cereals which has covered the largest area of agricultural lands after wheat. Corn is full of calories and nutrients needed for our body and also a good source of fiber and vitamin B1 which helps to carbohydrates metabolism.
The oilseed has been cultivated this year in an area of 3,000 square kilometer in Haft-Tappeh agricultural land. According to the announce statistics 1800 kilogram has been harvested on average from each 10 square kilometer. 
Sugar beet
Sugar beet is considered as an important crop, the cultivation has covered an area of 1,300 square kilometer this year for the first time after moving the Sugarcane Company to the private sector. It is predicted that 50 to 60 tons of sugar beet will be harvested.